Rennie Chamberlain

Because We Love Our Pets

When Chamberlain and her husband got their sixth Bouvier dog she was unlike any of their previous Bouviers. She had abandonment issues to the point of unlocking and opening the front door to follow them whenever they left the house.

A question that had long been in the back of Chamberlain's mind resurfaced - with one addition. Who, she wondered, would care for her pet if something happened to her and her husband, and more importantly, would that person be understanding enough to take in an "escape artist" dog and give it the kind of love and attention it needed?

Chamberlain knew that having her dog end up in a shelter or passed from one frustrated owner to another was not what she wanted.

What she wanted was a way to make sure her pet would always be with someone who understood it and would care for it the way Chamberlain cared for it, whether it was a pet sitter today or a pet guardian in the future - thus evolved the Pet Form inside Your Pet Portfolio.


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How a Pet Form Benefits You and Your Pet

The blank pet form inside Your Pet Portfolio works for any kind of pet and serves two distinct purposes.
The first part of the pet form gives you a way to tell pet sitters, boarding facilities, veterinarians and others, where your pet likes to be scratched, how to exercise your pet, what medications it takes, who to call in an emergency, if it has any behavioral issues what to do about them - and more.

Because the more someone caring for your pet follows your pet's normal routines the happier and more secure your pet will feel when you are not there.

The second part of the pet form gives you a way to tell friends, family and the legal system the name of the pet guardian you have chosen to care for your pet if for any reason you no longer can, and how you plan to fund that care if you decide to do so.

Because thinking ahead and considering your pet's future means your pet will always have a home and someone to look after it.

Together, these two parts put all your pet's essential information in one place where it can be easily accessed by those you've entrusted to keep your pet safe and happy.

So if you are the kind of pet lover who wants to relax, knowing your pet will be protected and well-cared-for whenever you are not there, then get comfortable and start filling in your pet form. It doesn't take long.

After all the love and companionship our pets have given us, don't we owe them this small kindness?

What people are saying about Your Pet Portfolio

This book was an amazing eye opener. We as owners always say, 'I wish my dog could live forever.' We never think about the other consequences, what if we weren't around in their life? Now after following the forms and advice, I'm sure Tillman will be loved, fed, and most importantly, continue skateboarding for the rest of his life.

Ron Davis | Owner of Tillman, the skateboarding Rose Parade bulldog.

Taking care of over 40 wild animals makes me a busy person, so I appreciate the choice this book provides of either filling out a short pet form, a long pet form, or both depending upon whether it is for my horse, my dogs, my cats or my tortoise.

Mollie Hogan | Founder and Director of The Nature of Wildworks

Rennie Chamberlain has created a wonderful and informative source to assist and motivate people who care about their pets to continue to do so through the use and implementation of a Pet Form to explain the needs of their pet beyond the information contained in a Pet Trust.

Donald J. Hromadka | Estate Planning Attorney, Hromadka & Gaulke